OptoActive II™ - OptoACTIVE MULTIPAD fixation device and hygienic covers OptoActive II™ - Hygienic earpad covers OptoActive II™ - Hygienic FOMRI microphone pop-screens OptoActive II™ - OptoVAC vacuum enhancer (left) and 2-way, duplex console microphone (right)

OptoACTIVE accessories include:

  • OptoACTIVE MULTIPAD fixation device, specially customized by Pearltec to provide the best vibro-acoustic isolation available
  • OptoACTIVE MULTIPAD disposable covers for complete hygiene (50 pack)
  • Fitted hygienic earpad disposable covers (50 pack)
  • Fitted hygienic disposable FOMRI microphone pop-screens (100 pack)
  • OptoVAC vacuum enhancer
  • Two-way, full duplex console microphone