OPTIMIC™ Hazardous Monitoring - Measuring movement of overhead wire on rail train passage OPTIMIC™ Hazardous Monitoring - Measuring movement and positioning of railway pantograph arms OPTIMIC™ Hazardous Monitoring - Combination sensor for measuring rail switch movement and position OPTIMIC™ Hazardous Monitoring OPTIMIC™ Hazardous Monitoring - Detecting sound emissions of predischarge inception ranging up to 20 kHz

Fiber optic microphones enable a broad range of acoustic sensing applications, from the detection of tiny fluctuations in drill bit housings to standard voice communications in potentially explosive areas.

OPTIMIC hazardous area microphones are ideal for the most demanding applications, including:

  • Sound level monitoring in harsh environments, such as mining or marine areas
  • Gas and liquid leakages (with identification and source)
  • Impending failures of seals and bearings
  • Worn out rotor or mechanical parts detection
  • Photoacoustic spectroscopy measurements
  • Contact monitoring for road, railway and aerospace infrastructures
  • Industrial and chemical refinery process monitoring
  • Coal, oil and nuclear energy platform monitoring
  • Pipeline system monitoring
  • Field communications in hazardous areas

OPTIMIC microphones are available in single and dual channel as well as noise-cancelling models, and are available with a variety of EOUs to support every application.